Did you know?

10 02 2010

Lighting in the workplace and in our homes can make a difference on how we feel. In terms of its effect on the environment and the consequence to our pockets, the way we use lighting can be an important factor. For instance, the conventional incandescent light bulbs we commonly use in our home only use a very small percentage of its devoted energy into actual light. The remaining energy goes to distributing large amounts of heat. Therefore, using your AC to cool your space consumes even more energy.  Switching to a CFL can help save energy consumption by 75% and the newer LED technology can save up to 80% on your energy consumption. A typical CFL lasts around 10,000 hours while LED’s can last up to five times that amount – 50,000 hours. CFL’s should be properly recycled, while LED’s, light emitting diodes, are “eco friendly” and are usually 100% recyclable. No matter what your lighting needs may be, Priority Lighting can help you go green and save money. Call us today! 800-709-1119

by: Priority Lighting